Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On the upswing

Today was the best day yet at my new job.  It was my fourth day there and each day I'm getting more and more comfortable with Mr. Dane's accent.  He speaks Swedish but occasionally, possibly, a Danish word slips in that I don't get, or it's just the overall pronunciation that might be difficult for me.  In any case, today he told me not once, but twice "Vad duktig du är!"  It doesn't translate too well into English, directly it is "How good you are!" but a better way of explaining it is that you are good AT something.  I was rather pleased knowing that he is happy with how I'm doing things, and that things come easier with each day.  I was feeling pretty low/unsure about it (the job) last night and this morning when getting up and ready for the day, for reasons I can't truly pinpoint.  But after today I'm way up on the bright side again and thinking this job will be a good experience for me, for however long it lasts. =)

Random updates: This past Saturday I met up with a couple of new Swedish girl-friends and sat out at a pub drinking some beer and wine for several hours in the evening.  It was so great to get to know some new people and just really enjoy sitting outside in downtown Gbg.  It's a really lovely town when you get downtown.  If you haven't visited, I most definitely recommend it!

I will be seeing two of those friends again on Friday/Saturday (one gal won't be there) due to Midsommar celebrations!  Today J and I went out and bought a popup tent for a fairly cheap price, just to see if it really worked.  We also bought some new outdoor sleeping bags, pillows, and self inflating underlays.  We tried it all out, and it's fantastic!  He was really psyched for the fact of how lazy you can be with the tent.  It literally pops up out of its container without any need for assembly besides staking it to the ground to make sure the wind doesn't blow it away.  Hooray!  Definitely looking forward to my first Midsommar (last year I was in the US at this time), and especially because it will be on the west coast, which I have never been to either!

Tomorrow: No assistant job, but I will be working alongside J for at least the morning since he says he has some massive testing for me to do.  It feels like ages since I've done work with the program he develops.  It'll be nice to mix it up a bit.  I also plan to do a good chunk of schoolwork tomorrow, meet up with an old acquaintance for a fika date downtown (old Korta Vägen friend who just recently moved to Gbg), and of course ready ourselves for the trip on Friday.  That of course includes a trip to Systembolaget!  I can't recall if I've ever talked much about Systembolaget before in any detail, I may have to devote a post in the near future to explaining it to those of you unfamiliar with the idea of state run alcohol sales.

So that's that!  Or, "Det var det" as Mr. Dane tends to say quite often.  Happy Midsommar to all!

P.S. - I love that it never truly gets dark currently.  So wonderful.  The catch?  The days start getting shorter after Midsommar. Booooo.

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