Friday, February 3, 2012

There's a First Time for Everything

So I've had some skin problems, I thought it might just be dry skin from the winter but have had some spots that were definitely strange on my arm/back. J finally made me go to the vårdcentral for the first time since I've come to Sweden(it's basically your local clinic where you see the district nurse). Everyone is assigned to a vårdcentral so that one clinic isn't packed and the other empty. It's pretty smart, really.

I had an appointment at 10 this morning, and how much did I have to pay? 50 Swedish crowns. That equates to about $7.50. Pretty neat, huh? The nurse was so nice and actually kind of funny, not condescending at all. I'm also not really one to take my shirt off for some random stranger to look at my skin, but she made me completely comfortable just because of her personality. In the end she said to go to the apotek (pharmacy) and pick up one kind of cream that needs no prescription, and another cream she prescribed for me. The smartest thing about this? She writes it up in her computer, and all you have to do is go to the apotek about 10 minutes later and they have the prescription in their system. I just had to give my Swedish I.D. at the apotek and they took care of the rest. How cool is that? No old school prescription on a piece of paper that you have to not lose on the way to the pharmacy and then wait an hour until they have the time to fill your prescription. And how much did the two creams cost? 134 kronor, aka $20. $27.50 for the day, I think I can live with that!

And let me just reiterate my glee at having a Swedish I.D. (in the form of a körkort, aka driver's license). As I was on my way home from all of this I thought back to just how easy it was for me to show my I.D. at the vårdcentral and at the apotek. No hassle with a passport or personnummer paper! I'm still happy that I got that license back in October. By the way, happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

I just received my personnummer and have to choose a local clinic to be assigned to- great to hear about your experience. Puts some worry to ease!
(Blogger sometimes won't let me post my Wordpress OpneID, so strange!) Meg ~ ~

Jessica said...

Oh good I'm glad you get to choose! I feel like I never did that or never knew to actually choose one. Apparently they just assigned me to the same one my sambo goes to, so it was no problem for us. =)

Sheri said...

That wonderful and efficient Swedish healthcare system! If there's anything I'm sad about not experiencing, it's that. I've been having skin problems myself and I still have another month to go before my dermatology appointment, and that's at the hospital with a short wait!