Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Groundhog Day!

Happy Groundhog Day! It would seem that Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania saw his shadow today, meaning that 6 more weeks of winter will ensue across the US. Other groundhogs across the country, however, didn't see their shadow and so predict the coming of spring soon. Predicting weather based on the actions of an animal seems a bit...inaccurate at best. But it's all in good fun.

Unfortunate news to report: Volvo sent me an email earlier in the week saying that I wasn't chosen for a second interview. As I said, it wouldn't be surprising, but I was holding out hope. I've kept my chin up and have viewed it as a positive experience. Besides, I consider myself no longer in "limbo" and can continue with my job search in full force, now.

I was a good girl and packed up more books and did some cleaning around the apartment today. Any little bit, done each day, helps towards the move that's coming up, this month! It's so strange to think about how this apartment I've grown attached to won't be my home for much longer. I've been trying to squeeze all the love I have out of it (which, among other things, means using the dishwasher as soon as it gets full, as I will sorely miss it). I shall also miss having a balcony as an extra refrigerator/freezer during the winter months. I will admit to a enjoying guilty pleasure while packing and cleaning: listening to 90s hits! (yes, including N*Sync and Brittney Spears; oh come on, I was a preteen ripe for the picking when those two were huge!)

Although I've enjoyed the snow that fell from the sky today, as well as the cold temperatures, it suddenly hit me earlier that it is indeed February. That means, technically, the final month of winter. I feel like the winter months are flying by (I won't hold out for spring arriving any time soon, that would be far too optimistic for one living this far north). But there is light outside until nearly 5pm, which is wonderful compared to it being dark by 3pm back in early December.

Fettisdagen (or Fat Tuesday) is coming up on the 21st of February. Semlor have already shown their cheery, tasty faces around the stores. On Fat Tuesday, Swedes eat these tasty delicious treats (generally as fika). Speaking J about it, he seemed not to know exactly what Fettisdagen really meant or stood for. I directly translated for him that it was Fat Tuesday, or the day before the beginning of Lent, which I also needed to explain. Even after living in Sweden for 15 months, I still forget sometimes just how unaffected by religion most of the younger to mid-generations are. What I mean there is that it is quite common for Swedes to have red days, or holidays, off from work and still have no clue as to what the meaning actually is behind the day (many of them being religiously tied). One example would be the 6th of January, Trettondedagjul (Thirteenth Day Christmas). In Christianity it's basically a celebration of Jesus as the son of God. Swedes, however, simply enjoy it as a day off work. But I digress; what I really wanted to get at is my appreciation for semlor. I find it endearing that Swedes love their fika so much they even have special treats for special days, although not very commonly. Just wait until Waffle Day rolls around later in the spring. =)


Ben said...

I agree, it's wonderful that the light is coming back. Much more time to enjoy the great outdoors!

Sorry to hear that Volvo didn't choose you for a second interview. But hey, Göteborg is a big city so there must be more job opportunities there.

Fika. The first time a Swede explained for me what it meant, he said it was drinking coffee. But I soon found out that it was all about eating cookies and other sweet treats. And do you know what? That's something I really love!

Jessica said...

Hi Ben, thanks for the encouraging words! That's exactly my viewpoint, Göteborg is full of opportunities.

I've come to adore fika, too! And it is definitely so much more than drinking coffee =)