Monday, May 7, 2012

Walking around town

Today is the beginning of my and J's company's "step competition."  Some of you may remember me mentioning around this time last year that J had a pedometer and was competing daily to get the most amount of steps within his company.  Well, now that I work for the same company, I'm allowed to be part of the annual competition, too!  He texted me earlier today around 5:30pm asking how many steps I had.  Because I'd just gotten home and had been at work all day (he was in Skövde for the day, I was here in Gothenburg), I had only 4,000-something steps.  Most of them I'd accumulated walking to lunch and back with the third musketeer of our gang, ahem, I mean other coworker.  J responded, and I quote, "13,614. You better start walking."  As I knew he wasn't getting home until just about now (should walk in the door any minute), I decided to go on a walk.  In just under an hour-long-walk I upped my amount to my current 10,732.  I'd say it's a good start for the competition!  The day isn't over, yet.

I'm actually quite excited for this step competition thing.  I think it'll give J and I the motivation to not be couch potatoes so much of the time!  I feel restless quite often and I think a large part of it is due to not getting enough exercise.  So here's for hoping!

I have a little batch of accumulated pictures from over the past couple of weeks.

The Feskekörka downtown in the Rosenlund area.  The other week when going to take the test at Vuxenutbildning to see what level of Swedish I could test into I had to wait outside for about 10 minutes until Vuxenutbildning actually opened.  I had the pleasure to wait outside the "Fish Church" next to the water.  If you're too lazy to read/translate the link, the "Fish Church" is a big hall where they sell fish.  The building just happens to look like a church.  The picture below is across the water from where I was standing.
I took the picture below last night when J and I were carrying all of our recycling (5 or 6 big paper bags of it) down to the recycling station about a 10 minute walk from here.  The view was far more beautiful than the camera could capture!
Above is the big field I mentioned in my last post about where people were grilling on the edge of the gravel.  That field has been filled with a traveling circus for the past couple of days.  On my walk today I went by twice, on my way out and back into our little neighborhood.  You could easily hear them tearing down the bleachers inside.

I apologize for their quality, or lack thereof.  All four of them were taken on the fly with my phone.  Isn't it ironic how society was so excited to finally have a camera "in your pocket" when they were new to cell phones since you could take a picture of something as it happened, and nowadays, it's a shame how "terrible" the quality is?  I suppose it served its purpose at least; otherwise, I wouldn't have had any of these pictures to share with you at all!

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Great, keep on walking!