Monday, May 28, 2012

Congratulations Sweden!

Congratulations Sweden and Loreen on winning Eurovision Song Contest 2012!

Now I've never been one to follow and love the likes of American Idol, but I find Eurovision to be something quite different.  Oh sure, it's pop songs and would seem very much the same as American Idol but I think I love it because it makes you feel connected to the rest of Europe.  You know that 40-50 other countries are sitting down to watch the exact same thing that you are and root on for their own country's contribution.  What is more, I really enjoy seeing what songs each country has to put out there because it tells you a lot about their culture, even if, as said, it's "just pop songs."  This past Saturday night I was at a friend's birthday barbecue, but a couple of us would go inside every now and then to check in on the competition.

I had a really good feeling about Loreen this year as I absolutely loved her song and had rooted for her ever since she won Melodifestivalen back in March.  Immediately you could hear how strong her voice is; and to be able to have such stage presence as just one person belting out a song like that is quite a feat.  This time around in Eurovision with her song "Euphoria" she won with a huge margin of 113 points.  A new-found friend of mine (my friend M's downstairs Swedish neighbor) and I decided that next year in 2013 we will most definitely want to go see Eurovision!  The thing is, for those of you unfamiliar with it, the country who wins has to host the contest the following year.  Last year it was Azerbaijan who won, and so this year's contest was held in Baku, Azerbaijan.  I've heard (and after having quickly read it on a few blogs) that it will be held in Stockholm at the new Friends Arena that is set to be inaugurated in the end of October this very year.  What perfect timing!

As a newbie to all of this (after all, it's only my second year knowing about/watching Eurovision), I find it very exciting that Sweden won.  The last time for the country to win was in 1999, so it may be just that long again before Sweden could win.  I would love to take advantage of the fact that the contest is coming here next year.

Here is the winning song!

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