Friday, March 9, 2012


Our internet and TV service have both finally been fixed! How nice it feels. I finally have been able to post the photos I took well over a week ago!

This is the building we've moved into.

Spring is around the corner! Tiny buds I noticed walking by a bush.

Our "backyard." It's a communal little "uteplats" or "outside place" literally translated. It will be great for grilling in the summer.

Scary looking pedestrian bridge going over the E20 from our neighborhood. I haven't dared to cross it yet.

Construction of a "pretty" wall between our neighborhood and the E20.

The main street running through our neighborhood; our street branches off of it.

I really was drawn to this handrail in a tiny oasis of a park in our neighborhood. The tiny park is used as a stepping platform between the main street and the smaller street well below it. Did I mention that Gothenburg is a very hilly town? It's due to the rock hills/mountains throughout it. I think the rock is granite.

It's so strange to encounter such lush green-ness in the middle/end of winter. Now that it's March it doesn't seem so strange, but we definitely got a tangible amount of snow just yesterday! For the green to survive really is something.

The new E20 bridge that begins right at the end of our neighborhood. It's almost unbelievable how much we aren't disturbed by the highway although I can see it practically from my kitchen window.

We've come to really enjoy our little area here in Gothenburg. It's a wonderfully green and calm area, with just about everything needed quite close by.


Meg@SomethingSwedish said...

So great that a) you have internet again! b) seem so happy with your new place!

I'm not overly familiar with Goteborg, only the area by the train station and mall, Liseberg, the huge tourist Ferris wheel, and the large museum. Looking forward to going back for a day next month when my friends from NY are coming to visit- any suggestions?

Ben said...

Great to see some pictures again!