Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Everyday Life

Last week J and I went back to Skövde for 2 days, spending one night in a hotel. He had a lot of work there to do at Volvo and whatnot so I decided to tag along to be able to socialize with some friends. Again today we go back to Skövde, for the same reasons. This time we'll be staying two nights! It's funny how an old hometown can almost feel like a vacation spot (for me at least!). I should hopefully get some more time to see some dear friends, as well as do some work, too. J just left to Vara with the car since he had a meeting there this morning, so I opted to take a train later today to meet up with him there in Skövde. Oh the wonders of well working public transit (some may dispute that, here in Sweden with the SJ [Sveriges Järnvägar] problems and Västtrafik issues here in Gothenburg, but in comparison to where I'm from, public transit is fantastic).

The job is going well, this is my second week in. So far it's become a little bit of a routine to spend pretty much most of the day with J at the office here in Gothenburg on Mondays and Tuesdays, then it seems like he has meetings and work to do in other towns so I fill the rest of my 20 hours working on my own. This suits me just fine as I do need to learn what I'm doing, but then I also like to just buckle down and really get done what needs to get done without being interrupted. So far it's worked out well. As of now my contract is temporary for the month, and at the end of the month we'll see where it goes from there. It is nice, though, to ease back into the working world. Speaking of which I am still applying to other jobs. One of which I will do after this post.

Spring has been teasing us with temperatures up to 12C (about 53F) and the sun has been shining. It's still a bit nippy out, especially in the mornings when you have to scrape the windows of the car to get the frost off. I wouldn't say spring is quite here yet, as we could most easily get a snow storm out of nowhere still. But I'm beginning to hope! I've most definitely enjoyed not wearing my heavy winter coat and big boots lately. Taking 5 minutes to bundle up before going outside does get tedious after several months!

If I feel inspired, perhaps I'll even take some shots around Skövde this week as I never posted too many of them, and really it is a picturesque little town. It's almost as if I can appreciate the town more now that we don't live there anymore.

Oh and P.S. - Happy Birthday to my mother who turned 50 on Monday! =)

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