Sunday, February 3, 2013


Woohoo! On Friday I finally received in the mail the decision that I am being granted a permanent residency permit (PUT - Permanentuppehållstillstånd)! All I need to do is go into the local Migrationsverket (Immigration) office and have my fingerprints and photo taken. I knew of this previously but still find it a bit strange that they want such information. I understand such action when someone is coming to visit your country and then is planning to leave. The US does the same thing for those visiting. If I'm being granted permanent residency, isn't that a bit over the top? Nonetheless, that is the last step and then they will mail my new residence card in the mail within a week. I've been waiting since the end of September, and it's perfect timing regarding the fact that I'm going to be travelling to the States in less than a month!

 A couple of shots from a street when out on a round earlier this week.

With all the fog and frost it felt a bit like a fairy tale land on this quiet street.


Ben said...

Congratulations with your 'PUT' :-)

T.R.S. said...

Hi, Jessica! My name is Teresa and I am a fellow blogger and 20-something Canadian girl living in Sweden! I stumbled across your blog one day and I have really enjoyed reading about a few of your experiences. I am currently living in Gothenburg with my boyfriend. I was wondering if you might provide me with some info about how you got your personnummer.

I have been having such a struggle! I am employed at an English elementary school, hold a UK passport as well as a Canadian passport, and so far have only managed to obtain a "temporary" personnummer. It is really frustrating because of the limitations it has been putting on my living her i.e. enrolling in SFI and having full access to my bank account.

I know it has been a while, but if you remember at all the kind of paperwork you filled out or who in Skatteverket you talked to to fill out the right forms, I would REALLY appreciate it. Take care! Hope to hear from you soon.


Jessica said...

Hi Teresa!

I apologize for the very late response, I've been so busy with life! I'm so glad to hear you enjoy my blog =) Have you sorted out your personnummer problem yet?

All I did when I first arrived in Sweden was have my husband take me to Skatteverket and ask to apply for a personnummer for me. You have to bring your decision papers from Migrationsverket/your residence permit card to show you're legally allowed to be living here in Sweden. With that you just fill out a paper and you should have your personnummer within a week or two. They send it to you in the mail.

Hope that helps! How are you liking it here in Gothenburg? =)

Hope to hear from you again!