Sunday, December 9, 2012

Another photo post

As requested by a previous comment, I've taken some more photos.  The first one right below was taken downtown while J and I were out running some errands yesterday.  Talk about insane amounts of people out Christmas shopping.  Anyway, this is a hotel that was very neatly decorated.  I just had to get a shot of it.

The picture below is my lovely kitchen window.  I see the most "happenings" from this vantage point in our apartment.  The shot below it is if I go up to the window and look out to the left a bit.  Our building is angled that way towards the street so it's pretty difficult to see the other way up the street.

Below is if I look straight out our kitchen window.
The view below is out of one of our living room windows.
Looking the other direction from the window next to it (they both sit in the corner of the room, so one facing one direction and the other facing 90degrees in the other direction).
So these last 3 shots are like starting from left and going right when using the 2 windows.  This last shot is our "backyard".  The little deck there is for everyone in the building to use.  There are only 8 apartments I think, it's a small building, kind of like the one across the way there.
I apologize for the crappy quality of the shots - I used my new phone.  I wanted to test out the camera, but it seems you have to spend the insane amounts of money to get a decent camera equipped on a phone.  I have the brand new Samsung Galaxy SIII mini.  It was just released a couple of weeks ago from Samsung and is amazingly fast and I do love its performance.  However, it does only have a 5 megapixel camera.


Linda Luksik said...

Awesome, thanks so much! This is not what I envisioned so I'm glad to see these to straighten out my imagination :-) I thought you were more in the city...buildings everywhere. This is nice, you have trees and a little space.

Jessica said...

You're welcome! I guess I didn't realize I'd never taken any of those shots before, or at least not so often.

No, you have to wait years to be able to get an apartment downtown, and even then you'd have to be able to afford it, haha. But we do only live about a 5 min bus ride from the central station so we're really on the eastern outskirts of the main part of town. We have a nice little green alcove here up on a hill close to the highway. Surprisingly, it doesn't disturb us at all.

Linda Luksik said...

Build more apartments,ha ha. Seems simple, why don't they?

Jessica said...

That's my reaction. They do build new ones but not enough. Also, since the place has been around since like 1600 there's not anymore room anywhere near central town to build. It would have to be way on the outskirts. There's a housing crisis (for renting, anyway) all across the country in the larger cities. If you want a good apartment centrally located, you basically have to buy.