Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day!

I just got home from being out in the lovely couple degrees above freezing (and raining) weather for my mail job.  Suddenly I am super pumped about the election!

Sadly I can't stay up all night and watch the returns as I would have liked to have done, as I am working again at 7 in the morning tomorrow.  I will, however, get up just a bit earlier than usual and see the results (at least the ones so far).  I also plan to at least watch a bit tonight as I'm sure there will be something to watch before going to bed!  I'm very happy that even in Sweden the US election results and commentary will be playing here on SVT1.

One thing that I have enjoyed and am glad about is how engaged Swedes seem to be in American politics.  Of course, this is for purely selfish reasons as I actually have had people at work to talk to about politics and the election a bit.  It doesn't surprise me, in reality, but it's somewhat of a pleasant surprise for lack of better words.  In the US we never talk about other countries' elections.  That just never occurred in my experience there.  But here I have a few people at work I've talked to quite a bit about politics and the election and this and that.  It's also quite fun to answer their questions about things they aren't so sure on.  They do, though, seem pretty informed as to how the whole process works compared to their own.  Kudos to the Swedes for being internationally well-informed!  I know this is just from my tiny little perspective, but from what I've seen it seems the Swedes I've met are much more in tune with the world than most US citizens.

I will be holding my thumbs the entire evening and probably when I wake up tomorrow morning!  If any of you readers are in the US right now and are citizens, please go vote! Every vote counts!


Linda Luksik said...

Hooray for America!!!

Jessica said...

Indeed - I'm truly excited to see what the next 4 years will bring for our country!

Sebastien said...
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