Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A visitor!

I'm so happy and excited!

My mom is coming to visit me...this Saturday!  Actually, her brother (my uncle) and his wife (my aunt) are coming along with her, but they will only stay in Sweden for a couple of days as they'll be heading further into Europe.  So I get to see several family members!  I'm just so excited!

The thing that excites me most about it is just the fact that finally some people near and dear to me from home (my original home) are finally going to see with their own eyes my "new" life here in Sweden (can you really call it new after you've been living somewhere for nearly 2 years?  The newness has faded a bit - although, when you compare it to living your first 20-odd years in your home country, it still could possibly count as pretty new). But I digress.

They will be landing in Stockholm bright and early and I just know they'll be tired, but they will most likely just have to suffer through a day to get their body clocks on time.  It'll be nice to meet them in Stockholm as the whole week will start off as a vacation kind of for me, too, in the pretty east coast city.  I'm excited to do some more touristy things there, as the past times I've been there have mainly been to visit friends in the area, so we didn't exactly go on boat canal tours and the like.  I have seen some of the city, but I would love to see more.  Then we will stop by in the Tibro area in the beginning of next week, and we'll end up in Gothenburg area for the last few days of her visit.

So the clock is ticking!  Tomorrow J and I leave for the Skövde/Tibro area, as he has a meeting in Skövde in the afternoon.  I've made a date with my friend M to hang out while he does is work stuff.  It'll be nice to see her!  We never just get hang out time anymore.  If we see each other, it's generally for some event or party or other where it can't really be just the two of us getting some good time in together.

Then we'll be sleeping over at J's parents' house in Tibro, as on Friday I'll be driving to Stockholm, and his parents have graciously offered for me to use their car instead for the trip.  I am very grateful for this, as our little car just wouldn't fit 4 people with several bags of over-the-sea luggage (I will be picking up my mom and aunt and uncle from the airport in Stockholm).  Why do I need to leave on Friday?  Well their flight gets in at 7:35am on Saturday and there is just no way I'm getting up at 1am to drive there on Friday night/Saturday morning!  So I'll be staying the night with a couple of friends in Stockholm that J and I rarely get to see.

Hopefully sometime in the near future I will have great new photo material to be posting on this blog.  I know I've had a serious lack of pictures, but I just haven't really had the chance to be taking photos, and running up and down stairs while chucking people's mail in their doors isn't exactly the opportune time to be taking some shots.  I'm hoping my mom's visit will provide enough pictures for several posts!

I'm hoping to persuade my family members to go up into the Skyview on Globen in Stockholm.  The views are supposed to be spectacular.

Would any of you go?  Or have any of you?


Fredrik Andersson said...

I haven't been up the Globen Skylift but the one thing I would hate to miss if I visited Stockholm for the first time would be the Vasa museum.
Plus if the weather is nice you can spend some more time on Djurgården and maybe visit Skansen or Waldemarsudde. The latter is an mansion converted into an art museum and from there you get some beautiful views of the city. Plus you take a tram to get there, which makes everyone from Gothenburg feel at home. :)

Jessica said...

We ditched the Skylift. I've been to Stockholm twice before =) We've spent a lot of time in Gamla Stan and have done a boat tour. But tomorrow we're headed to Skansen and Vasa, both of which I've been to but are always fun to do! And yes, I really bet I'll feel at home on the tram instead of the T-bana!