Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Last week J and I decided to buy a waffle iron. If it were expensive we wouldn't have bought one, but it only cost 99kr (approximately $15). Tonight I finally got around to making some waffles. I might add that this was the first time in my life ever making waffles from scratch! I was rather proud of the outcome. Sadly, though, we gobbled them up, and THEN it occurred to me I could take pictures of them for my blog. In any case, here is pretty much what they turned out looking like:
Thanks to Google for the lovely image. We ate our waffles with strawberry jam and whipped cream (no, not Cool Whip or premade sweetened whipped cream, but we used good old fashioned whipping cream whipped with a mixer, premade whipped cream is practically unheard of here). I must say it is most definitely far more delicious than American waffles with syrup. I've never enjoyed syrup.

The recipe I found to be strange as I'd never made waffles before, but I checked a second recipe to see if it was just some crazy variation, but it was the exactly the same, so I went for it! For those of you wishing to partake in a belated Waffle Day (mentioned last year in my post here) celebration as we did, here is the recipe I used. If you're not familiar with metric measurements, Google is a great friend when it comes to conversions. =)

75 g butter + a little for cooking the waffles in the iron
2 dl (decileters) ice cold vichyvatten (soda water)
4 dl flour
3 dl whipping cream
2 tsk (teaspoons, metric) sugar
For serving:
berry jam (your choice)
whipped cream (in addition to the 3dl above, since those 3dl are used for the batter)

1. Melt the butter and let it cool. Wisp together the soda water and flour, then mix in the butter. Whip the cream with the sugar and turn it down into the mixture light-handedly.

2. Heat up the waffle iron with a little butter and cook the waffles. Lay the finished waffles on a rack so that they keep their crispiness, pile them up in a "tower" when served.

3. Serve with sugar, whipped cream and a tasty jam.

This was the recipe directly translated. I don't think serving sugar with it is necessary, but to each his own. I also didn't bother with putting them on a rack (as we don't have one). This recipe should probably make about 8-10 waffles, as I cut the recipe in half and made 5. I thought it interesting that no milk was used, and especially that soda water was used! But they turned out wonderfully and surely were tasty.

Enjoy, if you decide to make some of your own!

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