Sunday, January 8, 2012

Snow, homework, and hoped-for routine

I thought I would post some shots of the snowfall from yesterday. Although not very exciting, and many of you have seen these views before, they might be the last chance to see anything out of these apartment windows.

I was so excited to see snowfall that wasn't just flurrying that didn't stick to the ground. It started out that way to my dismay, but ended up as a sizable amount. Here are two from today showing the result.

I've just finished with some last minute homework I was assigned before leaving to the US back in early-mid December. As stated in my previous post, school starts up again tomorrow. It's been a nice, laid back week since returning to Sweden. It will be wonderful to get back into a routine, even if it will be upset by our mid-late February move to Gothenburg. I just look forward to normal sleeping hours. =)

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