Sunday, December 4, 2011

December already?

Is it really December already? Where did this year go?? I think the fact that tonight was the first time this fall/winter the roads actually iced over and were somewhat dangerous goes to show how I haven't really noticed how late into the year it is! Last year at this time we were buried in snow!

As it's getting late and J and I are extremely exhausted, this post won't be too long at all. I did indeed end up making another miniature version of Thanksgiving dinner for J and I last Sunday. It was tasty, and I made yet another pumpkin pie. This time it lasted all week between the two of us ;-)

What a weekend! Yesterday we didn't do too incredibly much. I went shopping with a friend from SFI and bought some new winter boots since my old ones from last year have actually been letting in rain water (oh Skopunkten, your shoes are cheap and comfortable but not the best quality!). In the evening J and I went to the same friend's house for some tacos/taco pie heaven, as well as to socialize with some more old SFI pals. We ended the night somewhat early, coming home at 10:30.

Why would we end a night with good friends at 10:30? Well, this morning we had to get up at 7:30 in order to get ready and drive to Gothenburg to meet up with a landlord and J's cousin to see J's cousin's apartment. He and his girlfriend are moving in together, and thus J's cousin's apartment is opening up at the end of February. It's definitely a downsize from our 3:a (2 bedroom), only a 2 rum o kök (or 1 bedroom apartment). Our apartment now is around 73 sq. meters, and this one in Gothenburg is 50 sq. meters. To make a long story short, we are moving to Gothenburg in the end of February! Hooray! It's so great to chance upon a first hand contract in Gothenburg. It's a very tough housing market there! On one hand I'm sad to be leaving my friends I have here in Skövde and the life I've been building. But on the other hand I'm excited for the opportunities in Gothenburg, not to mention the buzzing life of a city!

We came back into town by 2:30, and the day didn't stop there. We went shopping for some suitcases, a new printer, and then some dinner with J's parents. Then it was time to grocery shop as we were in desperate need of food for the week. We leave to Gothenburg again on Saturday, only to fly out from Landvetter very, very early Sunday morning to the US! I can't wait for this week to be over. It will be wonderful to be home again!

So I guess life is exciting and looking upward here in Sweden. I would love for some snow to be on the ground when J and I return from the US in a couple of weeks! =)


Caitlin said...

What a great update. :)

Congrats on the apartment in Göteborg. Me and my sambo are also looking for an apartment in Göteborg (no luck so far)... though we currently don't live that far from the city (30-40 mins with bus). What are you going to be doing in Göteborg? Meaning job, school, etc. Have you finished SFI?

I'm just so interested in how other Americans are doing here in Sweden. ;)

Jessica said...

Thank you! Yes the housing market there is so extremely difficult, I think you basically need a ton of luck or some connections to be able to step in. That's why we're taking a major downsize to the apartment, at least it's a beginning and we can climb up from there.

I'm in a program right now called Korta Vägen at Högskolan i Skövde. It's for immigrants with at least 3 years education at a college/university in their homeland. We go there every day from 9 - 4 and study Swedish, samhällsvetenskap, and we're supposed to get a praktik within whatever field we want to work in. Most of us haven't gotten a praktik yet...and honestly I think when we move I'll just stop the program. My Swedish is just fine to be able to get out into the work force now (I finished SFI D back in August/September, and would have earlier if not for the long Swedish summer break!).

Which town do you live in if I may ask? How long have you been here now? I love getting to know about other Americans who are here too! =)

(and sorry for the super lengthy answer!)

Caitlin said...

Have you finished Uni in the US? Does your degree work over here?

I live in a town called Älvängen. Where in Göteborg will you be moving? Or is it directly in the central area?

I have been here almost a year (Dec. 16th). I finished SFI back in June as well and now taking some Komvux courses so I can apply to Uni here for next fall. :)

Jessica said...

Yes, I got a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy back in 2009. Of course neither of the 2 countries see a direct use in it, and I don't really want to work within the field anyway (if only I knew that back then!). I still don't regret it though because I do think I grew so much as a person through it.

We'll be living in an area known as Bagaregården. It's pretty close to centrum, actually. I'm pleased with its location. Good luck with your studies! What do you want to study in university?

Ben said...

Congratulations on the apartment in Göteborg - a nice city, I have been there several times. How excited you and J. must be.