Monday, March 7, 2011

Free Mondays!

Firstly I must say how happy I am that I do NOT have to go to school for the next six Mondays like I originally thought I would have to. My SFI schedule only has classes Tuesday through Friday each week, but this past Thursday our SFI teacher told us newcomers that we would be taking a computer course the next six Mondays. Yes, my friends, a computer learn how to use computers. Now, I understand that some people in SFI need this course (e.g. if you are from a 3rd world country, I would most definitely recommend a computer course). However, after being in the class for six months, and then having the teacher tell you that you're signed up the following Monday to take a computer course is nearly laughable. I don't think they should just assume that everyone needs to take the course. At least have a questionnaire or mini test to see who would need to take it or not. It's a waste of the computer teacher's time and our (the students') time if we already know how to use a computer!

So, today in class the computer teacher spoke very slowly and very clearly, and it felt like intro all over again. As we were only ten minutes in, my friends and I realized we definitely, definitely do not need to take such a course to learn what keys are what, how to open Word, and how to surf the internet. Pretty quickly the teacher realized (after we told her, also) that we didn't need the course. She even asked us why we were there, so we told her that our actual SFI teacher made us take it. Long story short, she said she would talk to the boss of SFI, and that we could go home, after being in the class for nearly an hour. The five of us then proceeded to get some fika at a local cafe and chit chat. I truly do enjoy my new little SFI niche of friends. Rant over. Hooray for securing free Mondays!

There isn't much new here with life in Sweden. Recently it's gotten a bit warmer so all the snow and ice on the sidewalks/roads have melted, that in itself has been lovely. I've nearly forgotten what it's like to walk on a sidewalk without being continually conscious of where I place my feet to ensure that I don't fall to my demise. I'm sure this weather won't last too long, though. Many Swedes have informed me of snow in April and even May, in some extreme cases. I try not to get my hopes up too much for lovely weather. The fact that it's a couple of degrees above freezing, and I consider that "warm," is somewhat troubling, though. I've only been here four months, and already I'm thinking that way? Hmm...

Last weekend J and I went to Göteborg (Gothenburg, in English) for his niece's third birthday party. It's always wonderful to get out of the little pocket of Skövde now and then (although I'm beginning to feel like this really is home - I think that's due to finally getting some ties here, like friends). J's parents picked us up, and it was actually enjoyable to be a passenger for once because I got to get a good look at the landscape. Those of you who know me quite well will know that I almost always prefer to drive. I took several shots while flying along on the highway, most of which are awesomely (sarcasm) blurry. J and I went to Nordstan (big mall downtown) to shop a bit before the party got started since we arrived around 10:30 in the morning and the party wasn't until 2pm. Here are a couple of shots, although nothing too interesting.

Typical Swedish houses/architecture, but what I wanted to capture here was the giant rock formation in the background. Out on the western coast there are many giant rocks that protrude like this one.

A view from J's sister's apartment. You can see the harbor/frozen water in the distance. People were running around and sliding on the ice playing!

A house I thought was neat looking on the drive there. Lop sided, but that's all you can do when you've got to snap a quick shot.

One of the homemade cakes for J's niece. Quite tasty!

This following picture is one I took back in January, actually. It's the little creek down by J's parents' house. I was walking Elvis (the Jack Russel J's parents recently acquired) and thought the little stream was quite pretty.

Very wintry. Sweden is beautiful in winter.

Last picture for today:

When leaving the cafe we went to for fika today, I saw this building downtown here in Skövde. I've always liked its architecture, so I got a picture of it to share with you all.

I hope that suffices for some updated pictures. Alas, I forgot to bring the camera with me when we went to the hockey game I mentioned in my last post. We did win, though! I was happy to finally go to a game where our team won.

Well, it's time for me to go pick J up from work soon, and I've been busy practically all day. I suppose I will call this post to a close. Spring will (hopefully) be on its way soon. I look forward to even longer days (yay clock change within the coming weeks!) Happy March, everyone!

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Alyx said...

You make me miss Sweden all the more. I can't wait to get back!