Monday, January 10, 2011

I think life will be getting busier!

As the title of this post suggests, I believe life will be getting busy fairly shortly!

Two weeks from today begin my SFI classes. That is for sure. Tomorrow I'm going to pick up my class schedule to see exactly how my first three weeks will be going. After the first three week intro course, they have students take a placement test to see whether they place more in the beginner, intermediate, or high level classes for Swedish.

On another note, J's parents are "trying out" a Jack Russell terrier! A friend of J and I notified us that his boss sadly needed to be rid of his 2.5 year old Jack Russell named Elvis. The boss apparently decided to get two amstaffs, which then didn't mix too well with the Jack Russell. Long story short, J's parents had been thinking about getting a dog for a while, so we posed them with the story. The owners brought the dog up on Saturday and J and I went to visit. From the few hours we spent there, Elvis is a great little dog! Great temperament and very sweet/cuddly. I look forward to being his babysitter whenever J's parents are busy or out of town. :-) Speaking of which, tomorrow I'll be going over to take care of him for a bit while J's parents are at work. I look forward to having a pseudo pet!

Not the best picture of me or Elvis, but at least you can get an idea. :-)

On yet another note, I may have a job prospect in the near future. I won't go into too much detail as things are not at all close to being concrete, but J mentioned to his boss that I am in the market for work. His boss has some ideas for me to help him out with, so I may have a job in the future there. I also contacted the director of a local, I suppose company, called English House. They basically have Swedes in (mainly teen/pre-teens it sounds like) who would like extra practice at English. The point is to make Swedes comfortable with English. The director got back to me saying that they don't have any open vacancies for employment, however, he would be interested in offering me something like an internship (unpaid). It would be like being a lesson/teacher assistant. If anything, it could be a great chance to network and get used to really interacting with Swedes. Also, maybe in time it could turn into a real job.

The sense of getting a start/having things move truly improves my mood. It's not as if I go around in a bad mood, but after a while of doing "nothing" I often get a feeling of uselessness; though I do nearly everything around the house in order to make up for my current unemployment. I simply hope things work out and I can get a sense of "normalcy" to my life here in Sweden.

As an update, the Harry Potter adventure is going well! I'm well into the fourth book currently. I simply eat up books. I'm quite enjoying it, but I'm glad it's going quickly because I paused on another series to bust out HP. I figured I might as well be in on the craze like everyone else. ;-)

The weather here has been warmer lately. The temperature has been hovering around freezing or slightly above...causing things to melt and refreeze. The roads have been quite dangerous due to ice. For once I wish it would stay cold! Who would have thought I would ask for that? Besides, I like my winter wonderland of all white. It becomes ugly and marred with the rain and melting.

It now seems as if I'm rambling, but the purpose of a blog is for its writer to air feelings and happenings, yes?

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