Wednesday, November 10, 2010


To continue from yesterday's post, it snowed the entire day yesterday. It was quite a snowstorm! We had no idea it was supposed to snow quite so much. So this morning, I took a couple more pictures because I am simply too enchanted by the snow. I'm sure a couple months down the road it will be extremely old, but for now, I can enjoy it.

The trees are so pretty when the snow sticks to them. I'd say there is a good 10 inches of snow on the ground. I must say the Swedes hop on the roads pretty quickly to clear them, unlike in the States.

Last night for dinner I made Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables and gravy (or brown sauce) for dinner. We also had lingonberry sauce or jam with the meal, a specifically Swedish food. I have been craving it for months now since the last time I visited and was so excited to have some! I had to document this incredibly typical Swedish meal.

I joked with J saying that he had to wait for his American to arrive to cook him some Swedish food.

We also went on a long grocery store shopping event last night, and bought some candles to make the darkness not seem so enveloping. Our picture window in the living room is so charming, now!

On another note, I've been battling a cold for the past week, it simply will not go away. I feared that traveling in 4 different airports, on 3 different planes might cause me to contract some sort of sickness.

Good news! Yesterday I received my person number, so I'm a legit Swedish resident now! I exist. To the government here, now, at least. So I can actually register for things...and stuff. We went and filled out a piece of paper so that I can get into SFI (Swedish for Immigrants), but they say it may take up to 3 months for me to be able to begin learning. I guess I'll have to kick my own butt and make myself start learning on my own. Eep! I should be up for the challenge.

Hope all is well, wherever you readers are. =)


Nicole said...

It is definitely weird reading in a far away land...oh how i miss my friend.
But reading your blog makes me want to come out and visit you ASAP. I'm thinking of posing the idea to Adam...maybe him and I can save up and come and visit Germany/Sweden over the summer?! I can't wait to talk with you over skype/gchat!


Surviving Sweden said...

Oooh you have snow! We haven't gotten any yet, so it just feels cold and gray. Snow really helps to pick up the mood - or at least the light.

Jessica said...

You are quite right! The snow was gone within a few days because we had a couple days of rain following it...washing it all away. Now it's just cold and gray - oh November. I definitely think the snow helps to pick up the mood, too.